Westfield Colts 2003

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  • Training - Will be held twice weekly at Redding Park. This will normally be Monday and Wednesday at 6.00.pm. prompt. If for any reason these dates are changed or cancelled, prior notification will be given.

  • Punctuality is vital for training and games.

  • Club Bags should be used for training and for games. Training Kit should be worn to training please ensure shin guards are worn at all times if player has no shin guards then they can’t take part.

  • If players do not attend training or fail to turn up for game without notifying committee, they will not be considered for selection for the next game. This does not include sickness, holidays or prior notification. This is extremely important as we may not have enough players to fulfil our fixture.

  • Meals – It is extremely important that players eat a breakfast especially for early morning games. It is not advisable for players to eat a heavy meal prior to training. Pasta is ideal meal before a game.

  • Football is a team game and we strongly advise against rewarding players with incentives to score goals. This can cause players to become selfish. Teams win games player’s only influence games. Football is not an individual sport.

  • Games – 11 v 11 formats have roll on roll of substitutes. It is vital that players do not leave the park during games. Players do get injured and substitutes are required  to go on. We also need to know where players are at all times and they cannot just wander off.

  • Players Kit – It is the responsibility of the player parent to look after training kit. If a player loses any kit the parents are responsible for replacing it and not the club. If a player leaves the club for any reason they must hand in all the Training kit.

  • Drinks. – Water, diluting juice with water, Powerade and Lucozade are ok to bring to training and games. Please do not allow them to bring fizzy drinks.

  • Footwear. - All types of blades are banned on Astro Turf. Aluminium Studs are also banned on Astro Turf. We strongly advise against the wearing of blades. Astro Trainers, Moulded soles and Trainers are ok on Astro. Studs can be worn on Grass only.

  • Player’s behaviour. – Players must behave whilst they are at training and at games. Bullying and bad behaviour is not acceptable at the club and Players would be asked to leave if this happens.

  • Parents. – Parents play a big part in the development of players we would ask that they always encourage and support players but must refrain from coaching at the side of the park. We understand that the intentions are good but this only confuses players during matches and training.